The Community Gardening Group

 The Duncan Terrace & Colebrooke Row Community Gardening Group is a community-led initiative, started in 2011 intended to build local interest and participation in the development and care of the Gardens.


The Gardens

Duncan Terrace Garden was replanted in 2008 with over 1000 flowering shrubs, herbaceous perennials, ferns, bulbs and trees. The conditions for planting within the Garden vary  radically, from areas of heavy shade under mature tree canopies (with heavily root-bound and dry soils), to areas of dappled shade, to two principally open sunnier areas at the main entrances. The planting scheme reflects this variation.

The shade areas have been planted with a range of perennials, ferns, bulbs, grasses and shrubs, creating a balanced mix of evergreens and foliage textures to provide all year interest, after the highlights of woodland flowering in the Spring where we see snow drops, helibores, lily of the valley, Dicentra, African Violets to name but a few.

The sunny borders at either end of the Garden, are also planted with herbaceous, bulb, grass and shrub mixes, but using distinctly different colour palettes; white/ yellow/ orange and red to the north-end borders and blues/ pinks/ reds and purples to the City Road south-end. These borders come into their own in the summer and later months.

The planting scheme creates a changing and seasonal character to the garden meaning that the Garden can offer a very different experience at different times of the year.

The most northernly part of Colebrooke Row Gardens is the unrailed bank of grass with medium-sized trees and some rock work.

Greenspace Team

The Gardens are managed by the Greenspace team on behalf of Islington Council and the link below offers lots of information in relation to the gardens, such as Ground management, Park Patrol Services, etc..

If you have any comments, you can give feedback to the Greenspace team at any time.

Karon Hollingsworth is our Community Ranger and is available on Karon.hollingsworth@islington.gov.uk

One of London’s Secret Gardens….


Gardening Successes

In addition to establishing a great community gardening group that meets on a regular basis throughout the year, some of the highlights include:

Tree of heaven

  • Regular, year-on-year planting of shrubs, perennials and bulbs in both Gardens, from funds raised at community events and donations from local residents.
  • We hold an annual party to celebrate our volunteers and our partnerships that keep our Gardens blooming! The Party also helps us recruit new volunteers and do some fundraising that is put straightback into planting for the Gardens.
  • We have made successful fundraising applications to St Peter’s Ward Fund for permanent, low-maintenance, self-sustaining planting in Colebrooke Row Gardens.
  • Colebrooke Row Gardens were further developed with help and financial support from Cluttons Estate Agents who provided both funding and volunteers.
  • The Diamond Jubilee Tree planting in both Duncan Terrace and Colebrooke Row Gardens in Spring 2013 – a Prunus Tai-Haku, a flowering cherry, in Colebrooke Row Gardens and a multi-stemmed Silver Birch, Betula Utilis Jacquemontii, var Greyswood Ghost in the Duncan Terrace Gardens. The tree plantings were recorded in the Diamond Jubilee Royal Record, and presented to her Majesty the Queen.
  • The Friends’ group now looks after the two long beds in Colebrooke Row, both of which have been extensively re-planted.
  • Developing a relationship with City University London; the uni provides fantastic volunteers throughout the year. The students are responsible for planting many of our Spring bulbs!
  • Extensive bulb planting courtesy of the London Metropolitan Gardens Association



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  1. Looking forward to tomorrow’s gardening day – hope it stops raining! Clare


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