Welcome to theĀ Friends of Duncan Terrace and Colebrooke Row Gardens Online!

Who are we?

Our group of volunteers involves local residents and people who work in the Borough. No matter where we come from though, we have a shared passion for gardening and making the Duncan Terrace and Colebrooke Row Gardens a special place for people to enjoy.

What are we doing?

We are driven by the objective of maintaining the Gardens in a sustainable way and strongly prioritise the preservation of wildlife and plants. The group is currently working on more projects that will ensure insects and birds have a safe place to inhabit.

The Gardens are pesticides free making them safe for children to play and for pets to be walked.

Our partners:

We strongly believe in the power of the community, and we learn from each otherā€™s experiences during our gardening sessions. Currently, we are working closely with Green Earth Habitats and Young Wilders. Lots of exciting projects are on the way, so keep an eye on the website and the Gardens!

We are supported by the Islington Councill and other partners such as Hugh Grover Estate Agents, City, University of London, and the St Peterā€™s ward councillors to ensure the upkeep of the Gardens.

We are working with the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association through initiatives like Bulbs for London. We recently planted 450 daffodil bulbs and several hundred crocus bulbs, which will bring wonderful colour to spring!

Get involved:

You can find our Community Garden Days listed under Gardening Events and we look forward to seeing you on any of those days. The Garden Blog page will keep you up-to-date with the latest news from the Gardens!

Come visit us!