Gardening Day, Saturday, September 26

We made a big impact on this beautiful sunny day – planting lots of new plants paid for by the money we raised at the Summer Garden Party. Many thanks again to Cluttons for so generously supporting that event! There are some, (but not enough!) wonderful new photographs on the website, particularly one of our new acer, taken by Thomas Sables, a fantastic photographer and friend of the Gardening Group.

Down by the City Road we now have a beautiful small purple Acer Japonicum ‘Aconitifolium’ tree, some Loropetalum Chinese Black Pearl shrubs which have pretty pink flowers that contrast well with the purple stems and leaves. These are Autumn flowering shrubs so will cheer up the months when little else flowers. We also planted a purple phormium [Phormium tenax ‘Atropurpureum’], a second giant Astelia; a dozen purple-flowering Salvia nemorosa ‘Caradonna’ another late-summer/Autumn flowerer that goes nicely with the pinks, purples and reds at this end of the Garden. We have also created a “nursery” around an Agave [a Century Plant] given to us by Kevin. We are hoping some of these may survive the winter.

At the edge of the Woodland Garden, opposite Wideford House on the Colebrooke Row side, we have planted two Edgworthia Chrysantha, look out for the flowers later this winter as they bloom on the bare stems of this elegant shrub! Over the course of early 2016, we will be adding further planting to this area.

In the central triangle of the Broadwalk,  we have planted some Anenome Honorine Jaubert – we are hoping to plant more of these over the coming weeks, as their beautiful white flowers brighten up dark Autumn corners: ). We have also planted a new variety of a fine-leaved, thornless mahonia here too, Mahonia Soft Caress to go with the existing Mahonia; these survive well in the dense shade of this part of the Gardens. More planting is planned for 2016.

In the borders up by the lawn at Duncan Street we have planted three purple-flowering hebes that will grow into good-sized shrubs over the coming years, again, providing the Gardens with early Autumn colour.

Thanks to everyone who came, including our students from City University and thanks too for the lovely notes, emails and messages from those who couldn’t make it,

See you next Saturday, November 21, any time between 10.00 and 3.00 pm. We will be concentrating on Colebrooke Row Gardens, preparing the beds to plant some roses and preparing the City Road end of the Gardens for Winter.


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