Spring 2017

We have had two very successful Garden Days this year already: ) We have planted some lovely new things in both Gardens, cleared and created some beautiful areas and refreshed BOTH Gardens wonderfully – all thanks to our fantastic volunteers!
In Duncan Terrace Gardens we have created a newly planted area with Bergenias [Bergenia Bressingham Ruby] the leaves will turn red in winter – just by the Colebrooke Row mid-gate; down by the City Rd we have planted more Salvia [S. nemorosa Caradonna] and at the turning bay, we have added many more Camelia and some tender loving care! We have added white and blue wood anenomes [Anenome Blanda Blue and White Spleandour ] to the Woodland Garden, which will naturalise over time, planted three shrubs of winter-flowering, scented jasmin [Lonicera fragrantissima], revealed the ferns in the Wideford Road bed and done lots of weeding. Up at the Duncan Street end, we have planted more of the wonderfully extravegant Fritillaria Imperialis, added some lovely white Muscari Armeniacum Siberian Tiger [again, which should naturalise…]  and some blue agapanthus – which should be flowering later in the year.
Over in Colebrooke Row Gardens…. In the Herb bed, we have added some more lavender, another Nandina Domestica, put in more of the lovely soft grey “rabbits ears” [Stachys byzantina Silver Carpet] and added a few Iberis sempivirens [pretty white low-growing ground cover, which will establish itself over time]; we have planted more daffodil bulbs at both ends of the Garden, plus some special snow drops, lovely yellow-flowering winter aconites and ivies at the northern entrance.
Many, many thanks to all our volunteers and look forward to seeing you in the Gardens!
Some pictures will be added soon….

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