April 14th 2018

A great day on Saturday. A tremendous effort –  thank you to our wonderful volunteers, our Greenspace and Grounds Maintenance teams…

We swept, weeded, litter-picked, cut back and planted more than eighty plants, including the huge list below! If you want to know what they will look like, use the links for info and images.

Next Garden Day is June 2nd, although we may slip in an impromptu early afternoon/evening event before then, as we will be restoring the border at the City Road end that Thames Water have been excavating to the reduce the risk of flooding in the future. Thames Water has kindly made a substantial contribution to the restoration of the bed.

Enjoy the gardens and see you at our next Day 🌷🌷

What We Planted on Saturday………….

·       Fritillaria Imperiallis – orange; DTG at Duncan St entrance, Colebrooke Row side


·       Euphorbia Amygdaloides Robbiae – bright green heads, planted in triangle


·       Euphorbia Characias Glacier Blue-planted on CRS of grassy area


·       Euphorbia Mellifera [honey spurge] – planted in wide bed at City Rd; honey scented flowers – tiny right now, but grows into a dramatically large bush: )



·       E. Characis. Subspecies wulfenii, Emmer Green – planted on CRS of grassy area


·       Muehlenbeckia – scrambling Australian ivy “Maiden Hair’s fern” – City Road end.


·       Gallium Odorata – a carpet of star-white flowers, joining existing planting in Camelia bed


·       Geranium maccrorrhizum Bevan’s variety –full sun or shade… pink; planted with existing with Bergenia in woodland area….


·       Camassia leichtlinii alba – tall long-flowering, naturalising – planted amongst grasses City Road end, Colebrooke Row side


·       Anthemis [Tetworth or EC Buxton. Weaved through border, full sun at City Road end [CR side]



·       Bergenia x 4-5 planted with existing planting in woodland area

·       Marble-leaved Arum Italicum x1 – planted alongside existing A.Italicum planting on Duncan Terrace side of lawn


·       Artemisia Powis Castle – planted alongside existing planting in the long bed in Colebrooke Row


·       Luzula sylvatica [Great wood rush] – planted between the grasses at City Rd end Colebrooke Row side


·       Persicaria Microcephala Purple Fantasy – an experiment – planted on Colebrooke Row side of the triangle….


·       Aegopodium podagraria Variegatum – a variegated ground elder planted at the City Road end as ground cover


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