Tree Stalking

A few random sources, perhaps for Christmas or birthday presents:

Why Willows Weep


A beautiful collection of short stories edited by Tracy Chevalier (best-selling author of Girl With a Pearl Earring). Each of the 19 stories is inspired by a British native tree and is written by some leading British novelists. It’s published by the Woodland Trust, link here.

The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees

Man who made things out of trees

This second book, a recommendation from Jonathan, one of our tree-walkers, is written by Robert Penn. It is a lovely story about a man who sets out to discover all he can about the ash tree, including seeing how many things he can make from it! He uncovers the ancient skills, traditions and knowledge associated with the ash, and reveals how these are very much still alive today. This is a review from the Guardian.

Tree ID App

On a more practical level, from the Woodland Trust, here is a link to an app that will help you identify trees:

Woodland Trust

There will be others books and ideas out there too, let us know if you find something!

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